WordPress Maintenance Add-Ons

Powerful add-ons to enhance performance and improve WordPress sites

Add-ons give you options for services based on your exact needs at any given time. Once you sign up for a plan, you’ll have access to the following optional but very powerful WordPress maintenance add-ons.

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WordPress Maintenance Add-Ons

WordPress maintenance add-ons are special services we perform in addition to what’s included in your WordPress maintenance plan.

Unless specified, WordPress maintenance add-on pricing varies and is primarily subject to the unique requirements of each website. When you request an add-on, we’ll meet to confirm your needs and then provide an estimate for each add-on.

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Featured Add-On

Retainer Plan

When you have a regular set of predictable tasks, it’s convenient to be on a retainer plan. Purchase a block of hours to use for doing miscellaneous development, security, performance, SEO, content, design, or hosting tasks. There are three available plans:

  • Mini – 2 hours
  • Medium – 8 hours
  • Intensive – 16 hours

Plans and hours can be “stacked” in combination.

Setups and Configurations

Change WordPress Update Frequency

If you want to change the frequency of your WordPress updates to weekly or daily, request this add-on.


Configuration of Plugins and Themes

Some plugins and themes require a lot of knowledge to correctly configure. We’ll configure and optimize plugins and themes to meet your site’s specific needs. We’ll also provide visual documentation on the configuration in case you need to duplicate it in the future. Then we’ll test your site and deploy it.


Removal of Plugins and Themes

Deactivated plugins and themes that are no longer in use can be targeted by hackers and can also reduce performance. We’ll remove all deactivated plugins and themes for you, including cleaning up any plugin tables, options, and, if hosted on Pantheon, any Pantheon-related workarounds. Then we’ll test your site and deploy it.

Cost: $50 per site

Upgrade PHP Version

We’ll upgrade your server to the latest supported PHP version, then we’ll test your site to ensure that it’s working under the new version. If a plugin or other code on your site is incompatible with the new version, we’ll let you know and give you options for having it fixed before deploying it to the live site.

Cost: $50 per site


Two-factor Authentication

We’ll set up two-factor authentication (TFA) and help you with training users on how to log in using TFA. The training includes a video you can distribute to users.

Cost: $100 per site

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Installation or Renewal

If your site doesn’t have SSL, it should. Google down ranks pages on sites without it. If you need SSL installed or renewed on your site, we’ll take care of that for you. Advanced hosting companies like Pantheon.io already include and renew SSL automatically!

Cost: $50 per site

Is this to install or renew your SSL?(Required)

Pantheon.io Add-Ons

Training on the Pantheon Platform (Pantheon.io)

While Pantheon.io already has its own excellent courseware training, it’s better to have an expert who is familiar with your sites train you directly or help you fill any gaps the courseware didn’t cover. We’ll help you with onboarding new team members to get them up to speed on how Pantheon works and all of its capabilities. The training includes a recording sent to you once it is completed.

Cost: $1,000 per person per training course

To assist us in scheduling a training date, please select a date range in which you want to have the training.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Custom Upstream Setup and Management (Pantheon.io)

Pantheon provides a finely-tuned but fully compatible and portable version of WordPress called an “upstream”. The upstream ensures that all new and existing sites operate predictably and have optimal performance and security. Pantheon’s base upstream is great, but what if you want a custom configuration with your own selection of plugins and configurations from which to create and manage all your sites? Webidextrous.com will create and manage a custom upstream to your specifications.


Sanitize User Data in Dev, Test, and Multidev (Pantheon.io)

If your live site contains sensitive user data that you don’t want your developers to access, we will enable database sanitization. Whenever your live site is cloned to Test, Dev, a multidev, or to a Localdev environment, customer email addresses, billing addresses, and other confidential information will be scrambled to ensure that developers can’t walk away with your customer contact info or use them in inappropriate ways.

NOTE: This feature carries risk! Even though it is usually rare to do so, if a sanitized Dev environment is cloned to a Live environment during a content redeployment or site redesign, sanitized user data will also clone to the Live site. We can disable sanitization prior to the redeployment and re-enable it after.

Cost: $100 per site

Enable InnoDB on the Database (Pantheon.io)

To perform their best on Pantheon, all tables in your database should be using the InnoDB engine. Some plugins create tables that don’t use InnoDB. This can cause your database to become less performant over time. We’ll upgrade your non-compliant tables to InnoDB and test your site before making the changes go live.

Cost: $50 per site (one time)


Enable Redis Caching (Pantheon.io)

Redis caching, available only on Performance plans and above, makes a copy of frequently used data from the database and puts it into an “object” for faster retrieval each time a page is loaded on your site. This reduces the number of “expensive” database queries and speeds up your site. We’ll enable Redis on your site and ensure it’s working properly.

Cost: $50 per site (one time)


Enable Solr Search Engine (Pantheon.io)

The WordPress search engine is very basic. It doesn’t provide a “Google-like” experience for users like a full-fledged search engine will. We’ll enable Solr on your Pantheon-hosted site.

Cost: $50 per site


Installation of Plugins and Themes (Pantheon.io)

Some popular and useful plugins and themes have trouble running on Pantheon. That’s not because Pantheon is broken but because many plugins are not secure or performant. They require access that breaks Pantheon’s superior security and performance models. We’ll install and secure those insecure and inefficient plugins and themes using Pantheon’s recommendations and workarounds. (This add-on does not include the Configuration of Plugins and Themes add-on.)


Long-term Offsite Cloud Backups (Pantheon.io)

Pantheon only keeps backups for a month for automated backups and up to 6 months for manual backups. If you discover a problem that originates older than your oldest backup set, you don’t have a valid restore point. With this long-term offsite backups add-on, a separate copy of each Pantheon backup is sent to our own offsite cloud storage for as long as the add-on is active. When the add-on is deactivated, you are given 90 days to request your offsite cloud backups. After 90 days, the offsite backups are deleted. If you choose not to renew your site maintenance contract, you have 7 days to request your backups before they will be removed. Your Pantheon backups will remain as configured. If you choose to have us manually send backups to your own cloud backup account, we won’t expire your backups.

Cost: Add $50 to your site plan

Notifications to External Messaging Services (Pantheon.io)

Did you know that you can receive customized notifications whenever we do something to your Pantheon hosting? We’ll enable notifications to Slack, Trello, Asana, Jira, or Pivotal Tracker.

Cost: $200 per site


Reviews and Optimizations

PageSpeed Review

As your site expands and evolves, page speed problems can creep in without becoming obvious. As needed, we’ll scan your site for page speed issues and provide human-written recommendations.

Cost: $50


PageSpeed Review + Optimization

If you want to go beyond just a review and recommendation for page speed enhancements, we’ll also go ahead and optimize your site’s page speed. Then we’ll test your site and deploy it.

Cost: Estimated based on optimization work required


Security Review

When we first begin maintaining your site, we do a thorough security review and setup. With every site update, we scan your site for security issues and provide human-written recommendations. However, for additional peace of mind, we can perform custom security reviews on demand.

Cost: $50 per security review per site


Security Review + Optimization

If you want to go beyond just an on-demand security review and recommendation, we’ll also go ahead and optimize your site’s security. Then we’ll test your site and deploy it.

Cost: $100 per security review and optimization per site


Web Design, Tests, and Deployments

Website Design and Development

We’ll provide you with the world-class custom design and development talent your site deserves. 

Please describe your project in as much detail as possible. Including your budget, timeline, current URL (if any), and example URLs of designs, sites, or features you like will help us provide an informed estimate.
If you have any current assets such as images, copy, designs, and documents, please put them into up to three .zip files and upload them here. Maximum 100MB.
Drop files here or
Accepted file types: zip, Max. file size: 100 MB, Max. files: 3.

    Mobile View Testing

    It’s easy to forget to test your site on mobile devices. With this add-on, after you do a design change we’ll test your site’s page layouts on smartphones and tablets according to your specifications.

    Cost: $70 per site


    Load Testing and Performance Reporting

    Whether your site is going live for the first time or you need to load test it before going live with a new feature, we’ll plan, build tests, execute them, and report on the testing of your site’s capability to handle heavy loads.


    Special Feature Testing

    When we update a site, we automatically check up to 25 URLs to ensure that the visual integrity of the pages remains unchanged. However, there are additional tests you may want us to perform, such as filling out a contact form or purchasing a product, that will further validate that the site is fully operational after an update. With this add-on, we’ll talk with you about the requirements and then perform these additional tests each time we update your site.

    Cost: Add $50 per month to your plan price


    Go-Live Website Launch

    On the day your site is meant to go live for the first time, we’ll perform all of the migration and domain connection tasks so that you can focus on serving your new customers.


    Website Tutorial Production

    Do you have parts of your website you don’t know how to update? Is there something about a plugin that you wish you knew how to manage? Do you need visual documentation on how to manage your theme design? We can create a polished and professional tutorial video and documentation to help you with that!

    • Scripting – We write a script to detail all of the specific parts you want to know about your website that will help you be successful.
    • Proofing – On a staging copy of your site, we manually work through each step of the script to ensure that it will match what you will experience as the owner of your site.
    • Screenshotting – We make annotated screenshot stills of key screens needing particular emphasis.
    • Audio Recording – We record the script as an audio narration, taking care to ensure the highest quality voice recording.
    • Video Recording – We record the videos of the tutorial steps and match them to the spoken narration.
    • Audiovisual Mixing – We combine the audio and video tracks together, balance and equalize the audio, and include a subtle ambient music track to help focus the viewer’s mind on the content and improve retention.
    • Exporting – We export the final video into a high-quality, redistributable MP4 file to deliver to you as the final product.

    Cost: Estimate provided after a consultation


    To take advantage of the add-ons, you’ll need to sign up for a plan below. 

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