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Flexible Work Blocks: Tailored Hours for Productivity

Choose your website retainer plan

Sometimes you’ll have work that needs to be done that goes outside of the normal maintenance plan hours allotment.

Whether you have a regular set of predictable tasks or you don’t know for sure what you’ll need until you get started, it’s convenient to be on a website retainer plan.

You can purchase a block of hours to use for doing miscellaneous development, security, performance, SEO, content, design, or hosting tasks, or even having regular meetings to discuss progress.

There are three available plans:

Mini Plan – $240
Provides 2 stackable hours of work and meetings
Medium Plan – $960
Provides 8 stackable hours of work and meetings
Intensive – $1,920
Provides 16 stackable hours of work and meetings

At the end of your retainer, you can choose to automatically renew it or make any other arrangement that will help you complete your projects.

Plans and hours can be “stacked” in combination for maximum flexibility. Just fill out our convenient form to request a retainer that meets your needs.

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