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Quick help for WordPress bugs, errors, site downtime, and hacks

Is your WordPress site broken or down due to an error, bug, or security incident? Fill out the form below and we’ll get eyes on your site to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

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  • Our rate for immediate emergency “hotfix” service is $200/hour.
  • If the issue can wait 24-48 hours, the rate drops to $120/hr.
  • You may also consider proactively signing up for our Total Care maintenance plan. We’ll fix the issue and prevent future issues from happening.
  • The self-help WordPress troubleshooting steps below may also help you resolve the issue on your own.

Self-Help Troubleshooting for WordPress

By following these steps, you may be able to identify and resolve common WordPress issues on your own. If the problem persists or is beyond your expertise, filling out the WordPress emergency help form on this page will be the next step.

  • Isolate the Problem Area: Begin by identifying whether the issue is affecting the entire website or specific pages/posts. This can help narrow down the scope of the problem.
  • Check for Recent Updates: Review recent changes you’ve made to your WordPress site. Did you recently update WordPress itself, themes, or plugins? Sometimes, compatibility issues can arise from updates. Consider rolling back updates if necessary.
  • Look for Error Messages: If you’re encountering error messages, take note of them and try to understand what they indicate. Error messages often provide valuable clues about the nature of the problem.
  • Switch to a Default Theme: Temporarily switch to a default WordPress theme, such as Twenty Twenty-One. This can help determine if the issue is related to your current theme. If the problem disappears with the default theme, it’s likely theme-related.
  • Review Recent Changes and Plugins: Reflect on any recent changes to your website’s settings or the installation of new plugins. These changes can introduce conflicts or issues. Consider deactivating recently added plugins to see if they are causing the problem.
If you want to get on a better path to WordPress website stability, sign up for our white-glove, concierge maintenance plan.

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