How Much Does Website Design Cost

How Much Does Website Design Cost

So, how much does website design cost? You're going to love this answer! And the answer is: it depends. Sorry, but it's true. There is no way to determine exactly how much it will cost to design or redesign a website without consulting with the client first. If you've read any of our other related content, then you've probably seen us mention different numbers ranging from a few hundred dollars to $1,200. It really depends.

To be clear; it doesn't depend on how much you know. Whether you're an expert web designer who is looking to outsource some design projects, or you're a new website owner, and you don't know anything about web design, we're still going to treat you the same and charge the same. Although Webidextrous isn't the oldest agency in the USA, we certainly are rapidly growing in size and trust, and that is because we do good work, we charge fair prices, and we treat our clients with dignity.

What Could Effect the Cost of Website Design?

Every website will have a different cost. Why is this? Because every website is different, and every website has a unique set of needs. Here are a few random examples to help make this point:


Do you already have a logo and icon for your website? If not, you will need a professional logo and icon. All serious websites have them. You can expect to pay an additional $50 or so for this graphic design service in addition to your standard web design package.


When determining how much website design costs, we will definitely look at the number of pages that you need. It goes without saying that a website with a couple of landing pages, an About page, a Contact page, and a privacy policy page is going to be much cheaper than a large corporation site with dozens of categories and hundres, if not thousands, of pages.


Do have subdomains that you need created and designed as well? Do you have a lot of different features and elements that you need on your website, such as forms, polls, popups, questionaires, etc.? It takes a lot of time to add these kinds of functionality to your website, so naturally, the cost of a website will go up as they add more and more features.

It Depends

As you can see, 'it depends' really is an honest answer to the question 'how much does website design cost?' It really does depend! And we've only discussed three random factors that might determine the cost of your website design. Ultimately, there are lots and lots of other factors that will determine the cost, all of which are honest.

You can expect the utmost transparency and professionalism when you partner with Webidextrous. We invite you to contact us to discuss your website design needs with an expert today. We'll go over your ideas, discuss pricing, and provide you with a set of options to meet your needs.

How Much Does Website Design Cost
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How Much Does Website Design Cost How Much Does Website Design Cost