Corporate Website Development Cost

Corporate Website Development Cost

Corporate website development costs tend to be a little bit higher than other types of websites. Why is this? Is it because website developers believe that corporate clients should pay more since they typically have more money? Not at all! It all comes down to needs. By contrasting the website needs of a corporation versus a small-town coffee shop website, or even local SEO agency website, then we can better understand why the cost of website development is higher for corporate clients.

To understand why these needs largely determine pricing, let us just state that the average corporation can expect to pay between $700-$1,200 for a well-branded, customized, fully optimized, professional website. Webidextrous isn't the oldest web design agency in the United States, but we are rapidly growing in trust and scope because we strive to be honest, fair, and transparent in all of our dealings.

Corporations Require a Higher Quality of Website Design

It's not to say that small businesses and individual website owners don't expect premium web development and designs because, trust us, they do! Still, corporations need and expect flawless websites that serve their unique purposes. This includes design and other factors. A higher quality of website design is needed for corporations, as they are competing with not only other small businesses but also with other large corporations. The only way to stand out online is by having a better website. This is one of the reasons why corporate website development costs more than small business website development.

Corporations expect expert-level video productions, 5-star content writing, and unique professional photographer images. Obviously, it costs more to create this kind of content than it does for smaller website owners who can afford to cut corners or have imperfections.

Legal Matters

While a local small business owner or an entrepreneur can probably get away with hiring a freelancer from another country for website development, corporations can't. Corporations are often the target of lawsuits at a much higher rate than other businesses are. Therefore, they need to know that everything has been done during the website design and development processes to protect them from liability. This means ensuring 100% unique images, text, and video content. It means making sure privacy policies are fully disclosed. It means making sure websites are ADA/W3C compliant.

More Pages

Corporations tend to have more pages. This is because they have more products, more services, more departments, more people, and more to show to the world. Naturally, a larger website that contains more pages is going to cost more than a smaller website with fewer pages.

Let Webidextrous Make You a Proposal

These are just a few of the many factors that must be taken into consideration when pricing a website development project for a corporation. Still, you can rest assured that Webidextrous will give you your money's worth every time! That is why many of our clients are repeat clients. Contact us today for a customized proposal.

Corporate Website Development Cost
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Corporate Website Development Cost Corporate Website Development Cost