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We don’t just sell websites. We also provide full spectrum business solutions that often include websites as one tool in a larger strategy.

How much does that cost? It depends. 

Some better questions might be: What do you need your online solution to do? Do you see a solution as an expense or as a revenue generator?

In short, you don’t really want “just” a website. You want a RESULT.

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Expense? Or Investment?

Digital strategy complexity is a major factor in its cost. If you’re just considering a single page website with a few images and some text, that can be very quick to build. It requires fewer resources than, say, a website with 10+ pages, an eCommerce shop, lots of blog content, software updates, SEO management, digital advertising, social media, and email marketing.

Whether you see your digital solution as an expense or a revenue generator will determine your approach and relative success with your endeavor…and with any agency! Read more about this in our three-part series about website cost vs. investment.

Web Design

Our approach to web design can be remembered by the acronym RASCRS.


This is the discovery phase of a project. We start with a strong foundation of research of your business model, your competition, the state of the market, and your goals. The end product of this phase is initial agreement on what the problem is that we’re trying to solve.


Now that we know which problem we’re trying to solve, we analyze any data surrounding the problem. If a website already exists, we analyze its performance, traffic, visitor demographics, and purchase funnel. If the site doesn’t yet exist, we analyze keywords, market trends, and competitors. The end product is a set of insights that validate or invalidate agreement on the problem to solve.


Once we have validated the problem through analysis, we begin to construct a strategy through which we’ll solve the problem. We’ll take the insights from the analysis and create a “funnel” that represents the journey of the website visitor through the site. The end product of strategy is to have a clear picture of the entry points and calls to action throughout the site.


The next step after a clear strategy is in place is to turn that strategy into a design. The design is an incrementally-built visual representation that starts with a “wireframe” abstract and ends with a fully fleshed out look and feel for every page, piece of content, and user interaction on the site.


The finalized design is turned into a fully-working version of the website, including all user interactions, modules, inputs, outputs, and processes necessary to execute the strategy. This realization process is “agile” in that features in each release are prioritized, iterative, and complete. If the client desires, a fully usable website can be released after each “sprint”.


After the website launches, it’s time to create a system of website content updates and maintenance that are repeatable and regular. Activities range from adding a new blog post once per week to advertising campaigns to frequent backups and updates of website software.

Individual / Small Business

Custom Design

5 or More Pages

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Custom Design

20 or More Products

10 or More Pages

2 Custom Forms

SEO and Accessibility Ready

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Custom Design

50 or More Pages and Products

3 or More Custom Forms

2 or More Blogs

SEO and Accessibility Ready

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Not ready to start a full web design project, digital marketing campaign, or search engine optimization program? You’ll definitely benefit from our expert coaching services. Web presence coaching can help you get a solid start on the web by equipping you with the best thinking, strategies, and tools. We’ll provide a quote to spend between 2 and 16 hours of one-on-one time with you to develop your web entrepreneur endeavor. Schedule a free initial consultation with us to get started.

Content Creation

Webidextrous can create any content you need for your website, marketing, or advertising. We have the resources to write and update blog posts. We can write and post social media content for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. And, we can produce and publish photographic and video content in a variety of formats. Let’s chat about your needs.


Do you have a WooCommerce or Shopify online store that seems to take more time than you have available to manage it? Let Webidextrous help you build your eCommerce store, connect it to your payment and fulfillment providers, and create, post, and manage products.

Webidextrous can also help you set up and manage your external stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping, and eBay. Our experts can even set up your digital advertising on multiple platforms. We can reduce your workload so you can focus on building your brand and making money. Talk to us.

Digital Advertising

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads. Digital advertising is crazy hard with all that you have to know and remember about how each platform works. We’ll remove that complexity and give you an online dashboard as a single source of truth for all your campaigns. Set it up with us today.

WordPress Maintenance

When was the last time you updated your WordPress plugins, your theme, or the core WordPress software? If you don’t do these critical tasks at least monthly, your site is vulnerable to hackers and likely to break after the next eventual update. You could also be missing out on critical bug fixes and performance enhancements that would speed up your site and make you more money. 

The problem is time. These tasks can take up hours per week, especially if you’re being disciplined about testing whether each update has caused problems on the site. And, if they do, you have to spend even more time removing the changes and getting back to a good state.

We have software and processes that make updating and testing your website a breeze. You don’t have to even think about it anymore. We’ll handle it all for you.


Most people don’t know that hosting is the most critical piece of any website. If you hosting company is low quality, your website will reflect that low quality in its lack of security, performance, and availability. 

In other words, hosting is the one thing you don’t want to be cheap about. Invest in a great hosting environment and you’ll solve a multitude of problems you’ll never know you had. Even for the most basic hosting needs, Webidextrous has a set of high-performance, rock-solid secure hosting plans. Let’s get your site performing better.


Webidextrous provides ongoing value to clients through a flexible set of retainer plans. We offer plans in blocks of two, eight, and sixteen hours. With a retainer plan, you can get web design, content creation, eCommerce, content management system settings maintenance, and hosting management.

Instead of hiring a full-time or part time manager to your staff, simply purchase a Webidextrous monthly retainer plan and we’ll take care of it for you. 

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