Sanitize User Data Between Environments

Protect user data from being accessed on development sites

Properly sanitize user data between environments on Pantheon

Pantheon hosting

If your live site contains sensitive user data that you don’t want your developers to access, we will enable database sanitization.

Whenever your live site is cloned to Test, Dev, a multidev, or to a Localdev environment, customer email addresses, billing addresses, and other confidential information will be scrambled.

This will ensure that developers can’t walk away with your customer contact info or use them in inappropriate ways.

NOTE: This feature carries risk! Even though it is usually rare to do so, if a sanitized Dev environment is cloned to a Live environment during a content redeployment or site redesign, sanitized user data will also clone to the Live site. We can disable sanitization prior to the redeployment and re-enable it after.

Let us know in the add-on form which environments you’d like to sanitize.

Cost: $100 per site

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