How much does a website cost?

There are usually no easy responses to complex questions like these: Where are you going to host it? What do you want on the website? How many pages of static content and dynamic content do you have? Do you need e-commerce features? Who will maintain your site? How do you want to integrate social media? And, there are potentially hundreds of other considerations to add!

At, we have a unique and competitive way to create, host, secure, launch, promote, and manage your quality, high-performance website at a price you can afford.

We get it. You have a fixed budget, with no wiggle room for surprises. That’s why we offer subscription-based Personal and Professional management packages for small-scale, low maintenance sites. For larger scale, higher maintenance sites, we offer a Business and an Enterprise management subscription package. Each package is customized and priced according to your budget and specific needs.

I can get a site from Fiverr for $100 or less. Why pay more?

Bottom Line: A site from Fiverr is usually a template that the “designer” buys from a template marketplace for a fraction of what he/she charges you.

We hear this all the time. Fiverr has people you can pay to do websites for much, much less than what you’d pay an agency. So why shouldn’t you go for a Fiverr site? Because your business is worth way more than a $100 website. With a cheap design, you literally get what you pay for…and nothing more. It’s a low business value transaction because it has to be for the developer to make any money.

Think of it this way. Let’s say you need a new suit or dress for job interviews. And let’s say you work in a field like fashion, where “dressing to impress” is the only way to get your foot in the door. Are you going to run down to “Big Bob’s Discount Thrift Store” or even Walmart and grab whatever will fit you off the rack? Well, you could, yes. And you’d save a ton of money. But what will you get? Cheap thrift store or big box store clothing that may be completely out of style or of poor quality. Worse, you could run into someone else at the interview who had the same idea and *gasp* is wearing the exact same clothing!

If what you look like is a big part of getting the job you want, then you’re going to do whatever is in your power to stand out and be noticed (in a good way) for the clothing choices you made before arriving at that fashion job interview.

The same goes for websites. But there’s more to it than look and feel. A high-quality website must be tailored to load quickly, be responsive on a large number of screen sizes (not just three), have good potential for good SEO, not be a potentially insecure and malware-infected or poorly supported theme, and a number of other factors. These are things that $100 website designers and developers simply won’t provide at that price. They may get you close on a couple of things, but ultimately they’re putting in less than $100 of effort and knowledge into your design in order to be profitable on their end.

For that reason, profitability, a $100 designer or developer is not going to spend a lot of time chatting with you about your business goals. They aren’t going to make suggestions about opportunities or where you may be sabotaging future successes. They won’t advise you on the most current ways to collect and manage data from contact forms, set up a better email and collaboration suite, display eCommerce store products, and other “backoffice” online processes that can quickly overwhelm even savvy entrepreneurs.

It’s not just about the money. It’s about the business value.

One hundred dollar designers don’t partner with you.

We will.

My friend does my site for free. Why should I pay?
Bottom Line: Free is not always good, responsive, or thorough. Maintenance can be a time drain, even when “free”. You’ll get better quality when you pay for better quality.

We get it. We’ve done sites for friends for free before. You feel great giving something to someone who can’t do it for themselves. What often happens, in any “work for free” situation, is burnout. Bills have to be paid. Kids have to be driven to school and activities, and spouses and pets feel neglected. Ask a designer or webmaster whether she would rather have the money or the warm-fuzzies, and most will eventually say they want some compensation for their time and effort.

When burnout happens, and the priorities change, quality and timeliness of new content suffers. There is less incentive for your friend to do “just two more changes” when her schedule conflicts with yours.

The majority of our customers have come to us when this situation develops. They recognize that, while the “free” arrangement worked for getting the site running, it quickly fell apart when the site needed updates, a face lift, or a hosting change. They just want things simple and for the site to be fresh with quality content. Paying for that privilege suddenly looks very appealing vs. waiting and hoping a friend can get around to it.

We charge a fair rate for full-service site coordination. We provide more extras than all of our competitors. If you find that not to be the case when you research other options, let us know and we’ll gladly work to provide information about their prices and what more you’ll get with Webidextrous. Like the robot Baymax in the movie Big Hero 6, we want you to be satisfied with your care.

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