Business Website Development Costs

Business Website Development Costs

Are you interested in business website development costs? If so, keep reading. Here, we are going to discuss the cost of building the three most popular types of websites today:

  • Website Businesses
  • Service-Based Websites
  • ECommerce Websites

Webidextrous strives to be honest and transparent in all of our affairs, and while it is impossible to provide an exact proposal without consulting with the client, we can give you some ballpark estimations based on previous clients.

Website Businesses

Is your website your business? Today, more and more people are building websites to make full-time, sustainable incomes. Typically, there are three or four ways in which individuals will monetize a website:

1. Affiliate links.

This is where people post links and get paid commissions for leading their site traffic to other websites to make purchases.

2. Info Products

Well-branded websites have the potential to create and sell informational products, such as crash courses, ebooks, and even downloadable .pdfs.

3. Ad Revenue

For sites with strategic SEO and traffic-driving techniques, premium ad brokers will pay website owners with 100k+ visitors a month to place ads on their websites.

4. Agency-Type Services

Many website businesses make their money from selling services, such as content creation, web design, digital marketing, and SEO to other website owners.

These kinds of websites are usually smaller, and the cost of building a website business might range from $400-$600, depending on the exact needs of the client.

Service-Based Websites

Service-based websites are websites for businesses that are service-based. For example, painters, plumbers, electricians, and even lawyers would fall into the 'services' category. If you want to use your website to market physical services in your local area, then you might decide to create a service-based website. These kinds of sites can be great for lead generation, acquiring new customers, and establishing your business as the authority in your respective industry and marketplace.

Again, these types of sites are usually very small, and you can expect a business website like this to cost between $400-$600.

ECommerce Sites

Ecommerce websites tend to cost a little bit more than the others mentioned so far. The reason for this is that ecommerce sites often have a lot of products, and each product has to have its own page. Each page has to be optimized, and this is in addition to all of the other things that come with typical web design. Further, ecommerce sites have to be set up with payment processing, which requires a lot of additional work, customization, and testing.

For an ecommerce business website, the cost may range from $600-$1,000.

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Business Website Development Costs
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Business Website Development Costs Business Website Development Costs