Catalyst Training Services

What if your site could look like this?

Catalyst Training Services is a company dedicated to helping “activate healthy living and business practices within people, communities and organizations.” Greg Cortopassi came to us for help in designing his website, publishing his “Weekly What If” podcasts, and setting up his social media and marketing campaigns.


We sat down with Greg and outlined everything he wished to do with his site. Then we planned a design and development process that would hit all the right notes and complement his personal style and tone of business coaching.


The color tones and layout of the site were chosen to provide a welcoming and open feeling to everyone who visits. Greg’s advice is given in his “John Tesh”-esque voice through his podcast, so we put that front-and-center, followed by an overview of what Catalyst Training Services offers and how it helps people to grow personally, socially, and within a business context.


Webidextrous built a custom WordPress CMS for Catalyst Training Services. We hooked it up to iTunes via the RSS feed so that his podcasts would reach a world-wide audience on the most popular audio distribution system on the planet.


We love helping our clients become self-sufficient and self-fulfilled as we assist them in building their brand online. Through a series of customized training videos and one-on-one video conferencing and email sessions, we provided Greg with the training to update his content and podcasts on a timeline of his own choosing and convenience.


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