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Whether you’re looking to improve your portfolio, or fill your wallet, we can hook you up with challenging and satisfying projects.

We are searching for people with proven track records in web design, full- or partial-stack web development, website maintenance, mobile app development, hosting, SEO, video, analytics, eCommerce, and cloud-based VoIP phone systems. Unlike other companies, we want you to work remotely and be in charge of your own outcomes.

Below are some frequently asked questions. But if you’re ready to jump right in, hop down to the application form now.

How does the Freelancer Network work?

When you submit the form below, we review your application and match you with new and existing projects where we know you’ll be able to contribute and enjoy doing your best work. You can spend less time worrying about where your next dollar comes from because we’re doing that client-finding for you. All we ask is that you partner with Webidextrous to fulfill the requirements of the project. We take care of the client relationship and pay you a fair rate for your contributions.

How do I get paid? How much do I get paid?

We can pay you via PayPal, bank-to-bank ACH bill pay or Cash.Me. We can work out an alternative if these don’t work for you depending on your location and banking requirements.

We ask you for your minimum hourly rate and negotiate with our clients to find a balance of affordability for the client and profitability for you and for Webidextrous. We always try to negotiate more than your minimum rate, of course. The minimum is just there to know when we need to say “no” to the project if we can’t pay you what you need.

How do projects work?

Pretty much like you’ve become accustomed to in the professional services industry. We’re an agency, which means we find projects, staff them, and complete them. While we do make an effort to apply Agile methodologies and practices whenever we can, each client has different requirements for how they manage projects on their end, so we’re also flexible to make sure things run as smoothly as possible from their point of view. But there won’t be any surprises. There will be requirements discovery, estimates, kick-offs, milestones, and deadlines. That’s the basic gist.

Why is your application form so long and detailed?

If it seems long, we just want to make sure we understand you as an individual and how we can make this worth your while. We also want to ensure that we have enough information to begin the matchmaking process between client and freelancer. There are a LOT more questions we could have asked, but didn’t because this is meant to get your foot in the door. As a potential project match for your skills progresses, we’ll ask for more details to make sure it’s a good fit.

What if I need to update my information?

Just resubmit it on the form. We’ll take care of updating the changes on our end.

Why do you only accept LinkedIn résumés?

We prefer LinkedIn for its depth of insight into each of our freelancer’s professional connections and profiles. It also gives us a handy way to recommend you, share your profile, or export a PDF résumé built from your profile in case a client asks for it. So, it’ll be very important to ensure your LinkedIn profile is the best representation of who you are and what you do.

Do you offer full-time salary positions? Am I guaranteed to get work?

We don’t have full-time salary positions at this time and we cannot guarantee that by filling out the form you will be destined to get work. But, with the work you do get, the more you contribute to our efficiency, profitability, and quality of workmanship, and with a good dose of salesmanship on your part, that situation may change. If you’re a top freelancer, you’ll be at the top of the list of “first hires”.

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We'll need to know if you have enough Internet bandwidth to handle large files and online conferencing. You can test this at What is your Internet speed where you work?

We love digital nomads and we don't mind working with you while you explore the world, as long as your projects are consistently on time. Do you travel while you work and what kind of access to the Internet do you typically have while traveling?

We'll need to know the turnaround time between when we ask a question and when we can expect to get a response. How quickly are you able to return messages?

We need to know we can trust you with sensitive or copyrighted documents and software. Are you willing and able to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)?

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