The Care and Feeding of Your Web Designer

The Care and Feeding of Your Web Designer 1

  • Instant download
  • 50 pages of web design advice based on 25 years of experience
  • All three major formats: Amazon Kindle, EPUB, and PDF

A full 90% of website projects fail! A good percentage of that failure can be attributed to problems with the design and development project outcomes.

“The Care and Feeding of Your Web Designer” will help you, the client, improve the quality of your current projects or future projects that you contract with web agencies, web designers, and freelancers to do for you.

Learn to Work With Your Web Designers, Not Against Them

The Care and Feeding of Your Web Designer Amazon Kindle Format The Care and Feeding of Your Web Designer EPUB Format The Care and Feeding of Your Web Designer PDFThis information-dense, no-nonsense, 50-page web design advice eBook will help you:

  • Begin a web project on the right foot
  • Save money by doing it right the first time
  • Untangle problems that caused a web project to fail
  • Attain success for the next website project
  • Understand why drag-and-drop website editors such as Wix or Squarespace are not recommended
  • Know why a web designer asks so many questions
  • Change your website budgeting from an expense mindset to an investment mindset
  • Achieve better communication with your web designer

It is possible for creative professionals to work better with their clients, and vice-versa. Read this eBook to find out how!

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Rob Watson is the CEO of Webidextrous, a web consultant, and a developer. Beginning in 1996 as a self-taught web designer, he has created websites for everyone from small business owners to multi-national companies. He is the co-organizer of the West Orlando WordPress Meetup and a WordCamp speaker.

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